JAGTIME MILLIONAIRE is Raymond Morin, a Connecticut-born guitarist, luthier and songwriter.  Currently living and working in Pittsburgh PA, Morin developed his guitar playing through a deep appreciation of British and American fingerpicking folk styles... favorite players include Bert Jansch, John James, John Renbourn, Milo Jones, Martin Carthy and a long list of others.  He is a member of the long-running Pittsburgh guitar duo Pairdown, and also the co-founder of Pleinview Guitars, a line of made-to-order custom steel-string guitars.  


In the last couple of years, Morin has immersed himself in the music of Scott Joplin and set about learning some of the all-time classic rags, assisted greatly by the meticulous arrangements of legends like Ton Van Bergeyk, David Laibman, Stefan Grossman, and more... Morin even arranges tunes himself when the mood strikes.  

Using his jumbo Kevin Kopp acoustic guitar and his thumb pick, Morin presents this material with dynamics and humor, truly breathing new life into these timeless compositions.  At its best, ragtime has the ability to captivate fans of all kinds of music... the relentless syncopation, boom-chick bass and charming melodies are a natural mood enhancer.  

2018 saw the launch of the Jagtime Millionaire YouTube channel, featuring video and audio captured and edited by filmmaker David Bernabo (of Host Skull, Ongoing Box Film Division, and much more).  JM also put an emphasis on live performance and touring, with week-long East coast tours undertaken in both 2018 and 2019, regular local performances, and a monthly residency at Scratch Food & Beverage in Pittsburgh.

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